Lisa came to Body Genius as a 33-year-old mother of two. She had been working with a personal trainer for almost 8 months but had been unable to lose more than a couple of kilos in weight during this time.

Lisa’s main challenges were as follows:

  • Inability to lose weight despite exercising
  • Fatigue
  • Not feeling rested when she got up in the morning
  • Headaches most days of the week
  • Bloating, gas and occasional constipation

Lisa was leading a busy lifestyle working part time in a friend’s business while raising two kids under the age of 7.

The team at Body Genius had an initial meeting with Lisa and then asked her to take the Body IQ test along with the Thyroid Questionnaire. Her results were as follows:

Body Genius Body IQ Test

Digestion 36 X 60 154
Stress 36 X 71 145
Food Quality 44 X 73 190
Sleep Cycles 41 70 X 124
Food Frequency X 8 16 40
Blood Sugar X 32 60 108
Fungus & Parasites 54 X 80 255
Physical Activity X 15 25 62
Total 258 X 447 1078


Lisa’s Body IQ was 62 Low Average Health Intelligence

Body Genius Thyroid Test

Thyroid 76 137 X 263


Lisa’s Thyroid Body IQ score was 141

When Lisa returned to Body Genius following her testing, she was excited because she could see from her scores that she was not living a healthy lifestyle and now had some answers as to why she was not losing weight and had a long list of symptoms.

The next step was finding a solution.


  1. Sleep/wake cycles (RED)
  2. Thyroid (RED)
  3. Digestion (YELLOW)
  4. Stress (YELLOW)
  5. Food Quality (YELLOW)
  6. Fungus & Parasites (YELLOW)

This information was incredibly useful for the team at Body Genius. It gave some insight into Lisa’s lifestyle and provided an excellent starting point for her lifestyle changes.

Sleeping Habits

The changes that were made initially had to do with Lisa’s sleeping habits.

  • No TV or computer after 8:00pm
  • No caffeine after 2pm
  • No alcohol after 6pm
  • No sugar or desserts in the evenings
  • New blinds for the bedroom to prevent artificial light entering the room while she slept
  • Covering the alarm clock which admitted light into the room
  • Stop looking at the time when she got up to go to the toilet at night
  • Get to bed by no later than 10pm

Nutrition / Eating Habits

The second challenge was to improve Lisa’s eating habits (Food Quality). Lisa had been keeping a 30-day food diary so it was easy for her Performance Coach to assess her eating habits and to make recommendations.

Lisa was asked to eat whole foods only:

  • Lisa cut out all breads, cereals, pasta, and other processed foods
  • Lisa relied on quality grass-fed meats, free range eggs, wild-caught fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sweet potato, pumpkin, and yams for the majority of her meals
  • Lisa gradually cut down from 3 cups of coffee per day to 1 cup
  • Lisa abstained from alcohol for 6 weeks to restore balance to her body

Within 4 weeks Lisa had lost 5kg and was feeling much better. Her sleep patterns were improved and she was waking up most mornings feeling refreshed. Most of Lisa’s symptoms had resolved although she was still having bowel upset including bloating and occasional constipation.

The next step in Lisa’s healing process involved two stages:

  1. Lisa consulted the Body Genius naturopath for further testing and was given several herbal supplements that would help to heal her gastrointestinal system. The results of her testing allowed her Performance Coach to further adjust her nutritional plan and to cut out a few specific foods that were irritating her bowels. This included all dairy, peanuts, legumes and gluten.
  2. Lisa has a fast paced lifestyle, which includes a busy work schedule, 2 kids, a husband and four exercise sessions per week. The team at Body Genius felt it would be appropriate for her to participate in exercise that helped to restore energy to her body and assist with healing. As such we recommend two Qigong classes per week in exchange for one of her high intensity weights sessions.

Six (6) weeks later Lisa had lost another 4kg in weight and was feeling really good. She had more energy, was sleeping really well, no longer experienced headaches, had reached a healthy, sustainable weight, and her gastrointestinal problems had resolved allowing her to stop using her herbal supplements.

Lisa completed the Body IQ testing protocol a second time. Her results were:

Body Genius Body IQ Test

Digestion  X 36 60 154
Stress 36 X 71 145
Food Quality  X 44 73 190
Sleep Cycles  X 41 70 124
Food Frequency X 8 16 40
Blood Sugar X 32 60 108
Fungus & Parasites 54 X 80 255
Physical Activity X 15 25 62
Total  X 258 447 1078


Lisa’s Body IQ was 78 Superior Health Intelligence

Body Genius Thyroid Test

Thyroid  X 76 137 263


Lisa’s Thyroid Body IQ score was 70

Lisa felt great about her results and even better about the way she was feeling. The team at Body Genius encouraged Lisa to take re-take the Body IQ test every 3 months to ensure she was maintaining her Superior Health Intelligence and of course to work towards becoming a Body Genius.

Results may vary.

“By the end of my first 12 weeks in the PC Health program I had lost 11kg of body fat and improved my Body IQ® score to ‘Superior Health Intelligence’. I was feeling better, looking better, and excited to enter the next phase of training.”