José Desfosses is a unique Australian character. Born in Mauritius in 1950, he migrated to Australia when 15 years old. There he found himself lost in a huge and strange land, unable to understand the new language. He lacked any confidence in himself and felt lost for the next four years.

At the age of nineteen he was determined to do something about his lack of confidence by pursuing personal fitness. He had no idea where this might take him but his new friend, Brian Hall, suggested that he join the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club, a hive of young male physical fitness activity.

José joined in enthusiastically and discovered he loved to train, and to train hard, pushing his body to newfound limits, a feeling not available in shops and bars. He discovered he loved to run and that he was so good as to be competitive at state and national levels. Over the years he achieved many personal bests, including in 1983 a 2.42 Marathon, the 12 km City to Surf in 42 minutes and a 32km race in just 2 hours.

A Surf Club Legend

Jose Desfosses

At Scarborough Surf Club José is legendary. He has set the fastest time for the gruelling McGovern Marathon, a 7km medley of swim, wade and soft sand run, no less than 36 times. He has won many medals at State Masters Championships, in ski paddling and running. In the 2008 World Surf Life Saving Championships in Germany he won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medallions. Four years later in Australia he won silver in the long run in soft sand. In Perth in 2013 he won 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medallions at the State Masters Championships.

His legend extends to his home country in Mauritius where in 1993, to raise funds to establish a surf club in Mauritius he completed a solo paddle around the island of Mauritius on his racing surf ski.

Brave, yes, awesome, you bet. He is amazing!

Well Beyond Personal Achievement and Glory

José has achieved at the highest levels in his chosen sports and is focussed but in no way selfish. In recent years, while maintaining his own personal fitness and standards, he has switched his efforts to helping others, particularly providing inspiration and support to those who lack confidence and direction as he did in his younger days.

He gets huge satisfaction from training those younger than him. His aim is to help his protégés to reach their potential, as he has done in his past. He aims to guide them to avoid the mistakes he has made. He supports underdogs to believe in themselves and their ability. To see his athletes improve and achieve physically and mentally is his goal, and he is gifted in this encouragement. The under-confident, unfit and overweight are welcome in José’s programs, and succeed with him as he encourages good eating, living and training.

Rehabilitation Processes

As José has helped many young and old athletes he has found great value in the treatment he has received from Steve Hooper. José works hard and has not been without setbacks and injuries. The guidance and treatment from Steve has proved invaluable. Smart and successful rehabilitation programs have helped keep José on the track when otherwise he would have withdrawn from competition.

José recalls fondly the recovery he experienced after a surfing mishap six weeks before the world championships. With two torn ligaments and a damaged cartilage on the inside of his knee he was devastated at the thought of being unable to compete. With Steve’s treatment and rehabilitation program José boarded the plane east and competed to come home with a silver medal, losing gold by just a nose.

Another injury before the 2013 State Maters saw José undertake another successful rehabilitation program. Once again the result was impressive, 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

While his commitment to work as a saw doctor guarantees that José is not a professional athlete his approach is extremely professional. He has found Steve matches that standard, being professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate. Steve is focused and ensures that that his diagnosis and treatments promote the well-being of his patients.

José is confident to recommend Steve to any of his fellow athletes should they be injured. By his nature and dedication José stretches the bounds of any health professional’s skills and knowledge and he has absolute confidence in Steve Hooper. Steve uses the latest equipment and regularly researches new methods, updating to get better results.

José happily and unreservedly endorses Steve Hooper’s physiotherapy treatment.

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