Professional Boxer

David Letizia has always been passionate about the sport of boxing. As an amateur his record was 80 wins (36 by knockout) and only 5 losses. Dave was a seven time State Champion, seven time Golden Gloves winner, Oceana Games gold medal winner, World Games gold medal winner (Singapore), and Oceana Games silver medal winner (Vanuatu).

As an amateur Dave was ranked 6th in the world!

In 1995 Dave turned ‘Pro’ and his record over the next 2 years was 2 wins and 1 loss. Dave retired from professional boxing in 1996 to commit his time and efforts to coaching other elite level boxers.

In 2007 Dave made a return to the ring. Dave’s record over the next three years was 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

In 2010 Dave began working with the Team at Body Genius. Despite being 40 years of age Dave knew that he could continue to train hard and win fights. But he realized that he needed to train smarter and needed some guidance on how best to condition his body.

Rob Macpherson and Steve Hooper had 3 separate Alignment Meetings with Dave to establish his goals, to assess his current eating plan, and to assess his current level of physical fitness. Dave’s results were as follows:

Body Genius Assessment Sheet

Measurements Sept 12th 2010
Height (cm) 179
Weight (kg) 92.7
Scale % Fat 27
Neck 43
Chest 109
Waist 95.7
Hips 101
Right Thigh 59
Left Thigh 58
Right Calf 36
Left Calf 35
Right Arm 41
Left Arm 40
Subscapular 17
Triceps 9
Biceps 7
Suprailiac 13
Mid-abdominal 21
Total 4 sites 46
% Body Fat 25.8
Fat mass (kg) 23.9
Lean Mass (kg) 68.8
10% fat 76
15% fat 79
20% fat 83
25% fat N/A
30% fat N/A
Waist (cm) 95.7
Waist / hip ratio 0.88
Waist / height ratio 0.53
BMI 28.9
Vertical Leap (cm) 41
Grip Strength (kg) 65.2
Beep Test 10.4


Dave fights in the light heavyweight division, which requires him to weigh in at 79.4kg (174.68 pounds) 24 hours before his fight.

Body Genius Body IQ Test

Digestion 36 60  X 154
Stress 36 X 71 145
Food Quality 44 X 73 190
Sleep Cycles 41 70 X 124
Food Frequency 8 X 16 40
Blood Sugar 32  X 60 108
Fungus & Parasites 54 80  X 255
Physical Activity X 15 25 62
Total 258 X 447 1078


Dave’s Body IQ was 63.8 Low Average Health Intelligence

Athletic Screen

The athletic screen is a biomechanical assessment that is performed by the Body Genius Physiotherapist. The goal is to evaluate the following:

  • How the athlete moves through functional movement patterns
  • Range of motion (ROM) for each joint in the body
  • Muscle length for all major muscle groups
  • Static, isolated muscle strength for key postural & support muscles
  • Dynamic functional strength for key postural and support muscles
  • Assessment of any injuries, pains or medical conditions
Point Athletic Screen – Dave’s Findings
1 Poor functional patterns for the squat, lunge and step through
2 Restricted ROM at right wrist, left elbow, shoulders & thoracic/lumbar spine
3 Tightness of calves, thighs, hip flexors, pectoralis m & m, & forearms
4 Static weakness of core, gluteals, & scapular stabilizers
5 Dynamic weakness of the core, gluteals, scapular stabilizers & rotator cuff
6 Previous injuries include shoulder pain bilateral, fracture right hand, left elbow pain & dysfunction, thoracic spinal stiffness & pain
7 Trigger points in neck, scapular muscles, forearms, lumbar paraspinals, calves

Nutrition – – Example day from Dave’s 14 day food diary

Body Genius Food Diary

Time Food & Drink (Meals)
5am Wake
6 Coffee and muffin
8 Muesli, milk, banana, coffee
11 Cup of nuts/seeds, piece of chicken, 3 slices of breads + peanut butter
1pm Beef curry, salad, 3 slices of bread, chocolate, water
7 Pasta, chicken, stir-fry and 2 slices bread with butter
9 Fruit, toast with honey, cup of tea


At the conclusion of these alignment meetings the Team at Body Genius was able to create the following summary table:

Point Summary
1 Dave’s Body IQ score was 64 suggesting Low Average Health Intelligence
2 Sleep: Dave often worked nights & had poor sleep patterns
3 Digestion: Bloating and occasional indigestion
4 Fungus & Parasites: Symptoms & scores suggest candida overgrowth
5 Abnormal blood sugars: poor food choices & eating patterns
6 Food quality: low to moderate. Excessive caffeine intake likely to compensate for unstable blood sugar / sleep. Excessive processed carbs: bread, cereals, pasta, crackers & chips. Excessive sugar: bread, milk, chocolate, pasta, fruit, lollies. Lack of protein intake given body weight and level of physical activity
7 Stress: heavy workload leading to stress
8 Body weight = 13kg excess. Body fat percentage = 15% excessive
9 Waist (cm), waist/hip ratio, waist/height ratio, BMI all suggest health risk
10 Biomechanical and postural challenges that needed to be overcome
11 Vertical leap = 41cm considered poor for an athlete
12 Beep Test = 10.4 considered low average for an athlete

Action Required

Based on these findings the team at Body Genius created the following action plan:

Point Action Required
1 Sleep: 10 weeks out from his next fight Dave was asleep most nights by 10pm
2 Digestion: Remove all grains, dairy, legumes & include digestive enzymes
3 Fungus & parasites: follow food plan outlined & naturopathic supplements
4 Abnormal blood sugars: follow the food plan as outlined
5 Poor food quality: follow the food plan as outlineds
6 Stress: Reduce overall workload 10 weeks out from next fight
7 Excessive weight & body fat: Sleep, digestion, food plan, low intensity exercise
8 Health risks: Sleep, reduce stress, food plan, low intensity exercise
9 Biomechanical & postural challenges: Work with BG physiotherapist
10 BG to provide a structured weekly schedule for Dave to follow
11 BG to provide a structured weights plan – 12 weeks
12 BG to provide a structured conditioning plan – 12 weeks

Key Points:

  • Sleep is critical to health, normal body weight and recovery. Dave spent the next several weeks re-organizing his work schedule so that he could begin getting to sleep by 10pm almost every night.
  • A structured nutritional plan was given to Dave for him to follow. The emphasis was on improving his gastrointestinal health. All grains (breads, cereals, pasta, crackers, flour), dairy and legumes were removed from his diet. All three of these (grains, dairy, legumes) are known gut irritants. The meal plan did not include any processed foods, minimized caffeine intake, and increased Dave’s protein intake to 200g per day. The meal plan was structured to include four meals per day, one meal every four hours. The meal plan emphasised proteins, vegetables, fresh berries, and implemented ‘starchy’ carbohydrates (yams, sweet potato, white potato, pumpkin) immediately following training sessions.
  • The Body Genius naturopath implemented several key supplements to help heal Dave’s gut, support his return to health, and improve his recovery from work & training.
  • The Body Genius physiotherapist worked with Dave 1 hour per week for eight weeks to restore balance. This included: Active releasing techniques (ART), acupuncture (dry needling) and stretches to restore length to tight muscles. Mobilisation and manipulation were used to restore movement to stiff joints. Isolated strength exercises were provided to improve stabilization at joints. Core and gluteal exercises were provided to improve stability around the pelvis and lumbar spine. Scapular and rotator cuff exercises were implemented to improve stabilization around the shoulder joints. Once joint stabilization and postural balance had been restored Dave was progressed to more functional exercises.
  • The Body Genius strength and conditioning coach worked closely with the physiotherapist to create a weight-training program that would minimise the risk of injury while improving Dave’s strength on most of the major lifts. For example, Dave was restricted from doing any overhead pressing actions (shoulder press, clean and press, snatch). The reason is that Dave had restricted range of motion at his shoulders as a result of poor posture and thoracic spinal stiffness. Overhead lifting would increase Dave’s risk of suffering a shoulder injury during training. Instead, Dave’s program included cable-pressing actions at shoulder height to increase upper body ‘pushing’ strength.
  • The BG strength and conditioning coach created a 10-week progressive metabolic conditioning program to improve Dave’s fitness and to get him ready for his sparring, which would begin 4 weeks out from his next fight. The conditioning plan included two training sessions per week in an altitude chamber beginning 10 weeks out from the next fight.

The following goals were set out for Dave to achieve prior to his next fight in 86 days:

Point Dave’s Goals
1 Improve Body IQ score to 76 or greater, superior health intelligence
2 Reduce body fat from 26% to 12%
3 Reduce body weight to 79 to 84kg range
4 Reduce waist measurement from 95.7cm to 80cm
5 Reduce waist to hip ratio from 0.88 to 0.80 or less
6 Reduce waist to height ratio from 0.53 to 0.49 or less
7 Reduce BMI from 28.9 to 27 or less
8 Increase vertical leap from 41 to 50cm or greater
9 Improve beep test score from 10.4 to 13 or greater
10 Maintain or improve grip strength from 65.2 (excellent)

Key Points:

Strength testing for squat, dead lifts, bench press and the Olympic lifts was not considered prior to Dave’s next fight. The Team at Body Genius felt that more emphasis needed to be placed on correcting muscle imbalances, teaching correcting lifting patterns, and restoring normal movement patterns. This process would extend beyond 10 weeks.

After 11 weeks of working with Dave the Team at Body Genius repeated his Body IQ, objective measures and functional tests. The results were as follows (2/ 12 / 2010):

Body Genius Body IQ Test

Digestion 36 X 60 154
Stress 36 X 71 145
Food Quality  X 44 73 190
Sleep Cycles  X 41 70 124
Food Frequency  X 8 16 40
Blood Sugar X 32 60 108
Fungus & Parasites 54  X 80 255
Physical Activity X 15 25 62
Total  X 258 447 1078


Dave’s Body IQ was 81.1 Superior Health Intelligence

Body Genius Assessment Sheet

Measurements Sept 12th 2010 Dec 2nd 2010
Height (cm) 179 179
Weight (kg) 92.7 83.7
Scale % Fat 27 16
Neck 43 38
Chest 109 110
Waist 95.7 81
Hips 101 104
Right Thigh 59 64
Left Thigh 58 64
Right Calf 36 39
Left Calf 35 38
Right Arm 41 44
Left Arm 40 43
Subscapular 17 9
Triceps 9 6
Biceps 7 4
Suprailiac 13 8
Mid-abdominal 21 10
Total 4 sites 46 27
% Body Fat 25.8 14.8
Fat mass (kg) 23.9 12.4
Lean Mass (kg) 68.8 71.3
10% fat 76 78.43
15% fat 79
20% fat 83
25% fat N/A
30% fat N/A
Waist (cm) 95.7 81
Waist / hip ratio 0.88 0.78
Waist / height ratio 0.53 0.45
BMI 28.9 26.12
Vertical Leap (cm) 41 49
Grip Strength (kg) 65.2 65.3
Beep Test 10.4 13.2


  • The scales showed that Dave lost 9kg of weight in the 11 weeks of working with the Team at Body Genius. This value is likely misleading as Dave’s strength and conditioning plan was designed to add muscle mass to his frame. As such his ‘fat loss’ was much greater than 9kg.
  • Dave lost an estimated 11% body fat.
  • Dave lost 14.7cm off his waist, his waist to hip ratio dropped to the ‘low risk’ category as did his waist to height ratio and BMI score.
  • Dave’s vertical leap increased from 41 to 49cm in 11 weeks and his beep test score improved from 10.4 to 13.2 suggesting improved metabolic conditioning.
  • The muscle balance at Dave’s knees, hips and pelvis improved, as did the condition of his shoulders and elbows. Although improved, Dave continued to stand with excessive thoracic kyphosis (rounding of his upper back).

Over the next week Dave lost an additional 1.8kg of weight reducing his weight from 83.7kg to 81.9. On the day of weigh-in (11/12/2010) Dave’s nutrition was handled carefully and a steam room was used to drop an additional 2.8kg of weight. Dave stepped on the scales at 79.1

Over the next 24 hours Dave followed a carefully designed nutritional plan including methods for rehydrating. At 2pm on fight day Dave weighed 84kg.

The Results

Dave’s Fights (Working with Body Genius)

  • 12th December 2010 Brad Bond, 2nd round TKO win
  • 12th March 2011 John Boyd 3rd round TKO win
  • 23rd July 2011 Taito Raturere 12th round TKO win (at 41 years old)
    • Captured the Interim PABA light heavyweight title

Current professional record 9 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw.


Dave is getting better with each fight. As Dave progresses the Team at Body Genius are able to offer more advanced training programs, more advanced training techniques and to help Dave to record personal bests for all of his objective measures and functional tests. The results are impressive but nothing compared to his performances in the ring. At age 41 Dave has captured the Interim PABA light heavyweight title, which has now provided him with the opportunity to fight for the PABA light heavyweight title in April 2012. A victory will see Dave’s world IBF ranking move into the top 10.

The Team at Body Genius cannot say enough great things about David Letizia. He is a great guy who works hard, plays hard and enjoys life. His family and friends are the most important things in his life along with his desire to succeed in the sport of boxing.

The entire team at Body Genius wishes Dave the best of luck in his upcoming fight!

Results may vary.

“Despite being 40 years old I knew that I could continue to train hard and win fights.

Rob and Steve have been fantastic. Their knowledge, skill and experience has helped

me to win my last 3 fights, all by knockout.”